'A Good Deed a Day' & 'A Dua A Day' Felt Ramadan Calendars Twin Pack

  • £ 19.99 GBP

  • 'A Good Deed a Day' and 'A Dua A Day' Ramadan felt hanging calendars in eye-catching multicolour colours
  • Each pocket is printed with a good deed and Dua a day for the month of Ramadan
  • Perfect for putting treats / sweets and small toys in each pocket
  • Easily hang the advent calendar using the ribbon at the top
  • Approx length: 55cm. Approx width: 38cm
  • Individual pocket size: 5.5x4.5cm
  • Choose with or without 15 small toys for the pockets
  • Toys included: spinning tops, sticky frogs, bubbles & squidgy faces
  • All toys fit inside the calendar pockets. Sent at random

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