Gifting is a big deal for Muslims. Gifting your neighbours, your work colleagues, and definitely when you visit guests. So it stands to reason that gifting around Ramadan and Eid is widespread.

When Ramadan is announced, friends and family often commemorate the occasion by offering each other gifts or greetings cards. Some examples of the most common gifts are dates, or bottles of zam zam water, as both of these are preferred ways to break the fast.

Another way to celebrate the coming of the month is to share a tasty plate of home-cooked Ramadan treats. For Muslims from the Indian subcontinent, it could be a freshly baked batch of spicy samosas, or a tooth-achingly sweet and crispy plate of jilebi. For our friends across Arabia, it would more likely be some sugar dusted ma’mouls or a plate of cheesy and soft, mini fatayer.

By the time Eid comes around, there is much reason for celebrations and congratulations. Muslims gift each other, to reward themselves and particularly their little ones for the efforts and sacrifice they have made.

If you are looking for some tips about what to gift your loved ones this Eid then look no further:


Dates are without a doubt the gift of choice. It was a sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) to break the fast with dates and so they are seen across the world, at the time of Ramadan and Eid. If you are looking for something different though, check out the assortment of chocolate covered, or stuffed dates available online. If you’re feeling crafty, you could even make these yourself!


Something for the home

Home gifting is a sure-fire way to get things right. A beautiful candle, lantern, or a decorative vase would be suitable for any décor and a wonderful way to bring atmosphere to a home.


Gift an Experience

There are some really lovely gift experiences available to purchase online. You can search these by hobby or interest such as supercar racing for the man in your life, or a simple relaxing spa afternoon for a mum who deserves a treat.


Tea Sets

Whether a boxed selection of flavoured teas, or an exotic teapot set with decorated glasses and saucers, this is another great gifting idea. After all, who doesn’t love a cuppa?


Eidi or Eidiyah

This one is for the kids! The word Eidiyah is a mixture of the words ‘Eid’ and ‘hadiyah,’ essentially translating as Eid gifts. It represents the giving of money from elder members of the community to the younger ones. They are treated to their Eidi to celebrate the fact that they have taken part in some fasting, or attended the additional prayers of the season. Well done!

We have a range of suitable Eid gifts for sale, or if you are supplying or making your own then check out our gift wrapping and gift bags.

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