It can be easy to get lost in the spirituality of Ramadan – fasting by day, reading extra Quran, cooking for the family, and sending food or hosting loved ones for extra rewards. It is a time for self-reflection, self-motivation and self-improvement.

Don’t forget though, that worship is a holistic practice.

So making time to choose gifts that will spread love between family members on the occasion of Eid, can even be worship with the correct intention. It is also a wonderful way to show the younger ones just how proud you are of their achievements this Ramadan.

So where should you start looking?

For boys in particular, anything that incorporates activity is a sure-fire win.

It could be a new bike — if you are really looking to treat your boy, or something more restrained such as an outdoor game of archery, or a giant version of 4 in a row. Indoor sticky darts is a great idea for those lacking space, as well as a fun way to spend Eid afternoon with the family, once you are all feasted out!

For those younger boys, anything with wheels would be a good shout. From remote control monster machines, to tiny ‘hot wheels’ and everything in between. You can even arrange to club together with other family members, collectively gifting the full range. Choose additional items such as parking garages, transporter trucks or even tracks for racing competitively.


Whatever you choose, the day of Eid is sure to be full of fun and a hive of activity!

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