No matter how organised you think you are, Eid and its gift giving will always sneak up on you. So much so, that many will give up and opt for Eidi cash instead.

But if you are inspired to gift a really thoughtful gift this year — look no further for some help and advice.

Girls by their nature are a little more thoughtful and sensitive.

As a result, it can pay to spend a little extra time pondering over what Eid treats to buy for the girls in your life. By and large, girls also tend to begin fasting the complete month of Ramadan before boys – as puberty often kicks in for them earlier. For this reason, you might want to splash a little more cash on your girls to show them how extra proud you are of their Ramadan achievements.

Younger girls love anything which represents growing up. Realistic baby dolls, prams and play kitchens are all fun gifts which will nurture and enhance their imaginations.

For those a little older, crafting kits can be a winner. There are multiple genres and stages of difficulty available, from beading kits and friendship bracelets to ‘stitch your own’ stuffed animals or craft and paint your own mug.

For teens and tweens, baking kits are a fantastic choice– give the young ladies the opportunity to bake some tasty Eid treats for all the friends around the snack table. There are all- in- one bottle mixes available that are fool proof, but still provide the opportunity to show off their skills and then decorate to their heart’s content! You can check out our beautiful range of plates and trays for a way to display their hard work.

Finally, for something extra special you can’t beat a lasting piece of fine jewellery. If you’re thinking of a unique way to mark their first Ramadan, you can go even further and personalise an item for them. Silver is the metal often favoured by youngsters and can be surprisingly reasonable if sourced online.


Whatever you decide to choose, we’re sure it will be an Eid celebration to remember!

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