If you have ever visited any part of the Muslim world during Ramadan or Eid, you will know that decoration is almost mandatory. The ritual of adorning the house in lights and seasonal décor has become as much as a tradition as attending the mosque on the day of Eid…and why not?

Here in the West, decorating the house to celebrate our religious festivals goes a long way to creating the ambience that we want to create at this time. Atmospheric lanterns and glistening crescent moons provide a warm glow in the depths of the dark - a celebration of a beautiful month, gifted by Allah as a door to salvation for the believer.

But if you are looking for some new and innovative ways to decorate your home for your guests then look no further. Check out our top tips for creating a stylish, yet inspiring environment suitable for all your spiritual needs.



Ramadan or Eid just wouldn’t work without lighting and lanterns! Arabic inspired lanterns give just the right amount of light to warm your nights of prayer and furnish your iftar table. You can always switch these out for twinkly led lighting, providing a more vibrant feel during the last ten days, or the start of the Eid festivities.

Top tip: Don’t forget candles to provide cosiness in the evening, and choose a deep and musky fragrance profile to further set the scene.



A celebration essential. Whether you get the kids involved in the decoration, or surprise them the night before Eid, everyone gets excited by a room filled with balloons. Plain, glittery or with inscriptions - it’s your call, but be sure to choose a style that fits your colour scheme and budget. If you are unsure, stick with gold or silver and if you can stretch to it, filled balloons or a balloon arch is always a winner.

Top tip: Attach one of our Eid envelopes to some helium filled balloons for a different way to present Eidi to the kids.


Feature wall

Create an eye-catching backdrop for all your photo memories, or a focal point for all your yummy treats with a feature wall in your home.

Hang a traditional wall hanging or some metallic balloons to wish your guests Eid Mubarak! Bunting can also add a modern retro twist, if balloons aren’t to your taste. Use your feature wall to add a splash of vibrant colour to your celebration, even if you aren’t too confident with your decorating skills- you really cannot go wrong!

Top tip: Looking for style on a budget? Up-cycle an old sari or dupatta to create a stunning visual backdrop without spending a penny.



Whether fresh or faux, it’s difficult to stop smiling when faced with beautiful flower arrangement. Fresh flowers will fill your home with a stunning scent to greet your guests and if you are feeling extra stylish, you can match the bouquet colour to your Eid outfit.

You can also use flowers and lights for extra elegance in your wreath arrangements; hang on the door or use as a table centrepiece to liven up your dining room.

Top tip: Use faux flowers if you want to make a statement that you can bring out and re-use, every year.


Elegant crockery

Remember those special plates and cutlery you were saving? Decorate your table elegantly for Eid with all your finest plates and cutlery. Don’t forget to accessorise your delicious food and desserts with beautiful table runners, napkins and glassware.

Top tip: If you’re expecting guests but still want a relaxing day, have a look at our wide range of disposable plates and tableware. We have colours and designs to suit every table!

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