DIY Ramadan Mug Decorating Ideas

Elevate your Ramadan experience with DIY mug decorating ideas. Ramadan is a time for gratitude and embracing togetherness. The vibe during Ramadan is that of warmth and joy. One of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to your festive gatherings is with DIY Ramadan and Eid mugs. DIY will be creative and fun and the unique mugs you create will add charm to your gatherings. We also have an extensive range of Ramadan tableware and mugs available on our website. However, you can also buy plain mugs online and decorate them according to your liking. Today, Eid Party is sharing with you some Ramadan mug decorating ideas to inspire your creativity.


You can use markers or acrylic paint to write on mugs. You can write Ramadan greetings on them or beautiful quotes from the Quran. We suggest that you adorn your mugs with phrases like “Eid Mubarak,” “Ramadan Mubarak,” etc. Add such phrases in beautiful calligraphy to make them stand out.

Moons and Stars

One of the most significant symbols of Ramadan is the moon and stars. You can either paint or even draw these on mugs using gold or silver paint. You can also paint a beautiful starry night on the mug by adding tiny stars around the moon. These Ramadan tableware mugs will surely enchant your guests during your gatherings.

Henna Designs

During the time of Eid Celebration or any Islamic wedding, henna art is loved. It has been a tradition for ages. So you can adorn your mugs with henna designs and patterns. You can draw flowers or even geometric shapes using henna cones. You can also draw henna designs using markers. This cultural touch will enhance the festive vibe during your celebrations. 


You can take this a step further and add an even more personal touch with names or even initials. You can make designs that reflect the personality or individuality of every family member. This will make the mugs truly special for them.


You can make your mugs glamorous with a touch of glitter. You can either put a metallic foil on them or sprinkle glitter in freshly applied paint. You can also apply an adhesive on the mug and then sprinkle glitter. This adds a dazzling touch to your mugs.

Eid Party Mugs

If you are too occupied with Eid prep to DIY your own Ramadan tableware mugs, we have got you covered! We have an extensive range of Ceramics & Serveware available for you. This also included mugs and cups. We have mugs for kids as well as classy mugs for adults. For your lovely young guests, we have sets like Printed Islamic Design Kids Cartoon Ceramic Mug, Dish & Spoon Set, etc. If you want to add classy mugs to your collection, you can opt for Glass Gold Arabic Calligraphy Mugs. You can explore more Ramadan tableware mugs in the Ceramics and Serveware section. You can also surf our website for other Eid-related items like hanging decorations or banners & buntings.


DIY Ramadan and Eid-themed mugs are a fun way to add creativity as well as charm to your gatherings. These mugs will surely be cherished by everyone. So gather your loved ones and shower them with love in the form of these beauties.