How Can We Raise Awareness For Palestine?

The Palestinian cause has gained the attention of people worldwide in recent years. There are discussions on human rights taking place online as well as offline. Eid Party is a strong advocate for Palestine. Many individuals and organizations are looking for ways to raise awareness about what is happening in Palestine. Today, we are sharing with you some effective ways to raise awareness for Palestine and support them.


You can host educational seminars or workshops that help people understand what is going on in Palestine and foster empathy in them. Educate them about the Palestine struggle. You can call speakers, activists, and scholars to share their insights. This will help people become knowledgeable. These workshops can be conducted both offline and online to make them more accessible to people. 

Art and Culture

Organizing artistic and cultural events and evoking emotions of empathy in people. It is common knowledge that art can transcend barriers and help people from different parts of the world to communicate. You can organize art exhibitions or film screenings to raise awareness and appeal to people to stand in solidarity with Palestine. Give artists from Palestine to showcase their talent in front of the global community. This will also shed light on the cultural heritage of Palestine. Eid Party has a range of Eid and Ramadan decoration items and you can shop Palestine-themed decorations on our website. This will help you showcase aspects of the rich art of Palestine.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool in raising awareness of the Palestine cause. You can use content to make sure that people are heard. You can use hashtags and share narratives of what is going on in Palestine from authentic Palestinian voices. This will help them reach a global audience. Running a social media campaign can help you reach more people. Start meaningful conversations in support of Palestine. 


If you want to provide direct support to the people of Palestine, you can do this by donating funds or by volunteering your time. This way you can help people elevate their sufferings. This will also help you empower people who are affected by the conflict. We have a collection of Palestine hoodies available on our website at You can also support Palestine by buying these Palestine hoodies. Not only will wearing these hoodies raise awareness but also help Palestinians get the aid they need as all the profit goes to them.

Power of Consumers

The consumers can use their power. Only buying from businesses and brands that stand in solidarity with Palestine and uphold ethical standards will help you contribute to bringing a change in Palestine. Support brands that are openly talking about the suffering of the Palestinians. 


Raising awareness for Palestine will require continuous efforts. One can take the traditional route or pick a creative way to raise such awareness. You can harness your power to support Palestine. Adorn Palestine hoodies or shop for Palestine-theme decor on Eid Party website. All of us can come together and join hands to help the people of Palestine. Together, we can make a difference.