The EidParty Story

Behind The Scenes at Eid Party

Who We Are, Why We Started and How We Became a One-Stop Shop For Muslim Party Supplies Over the years, Eid Party has become the go-to supplier for Eid and Ramadan decorations. But how did we become such a huge success in such a short space of time? The answer is quite simple really, we were the first brand of our kind. This is the story of Eid Party - how our co-founder wanted to make Eid and Ramadan more exciting for Muslim kids, and turned it into a year round business!

Meet Riz

As a mum, Riz developed the concept for Eid Party when she realised the need for a more kid-friendly approach to Eid and Ramadan. She thought, “why shouldn’t my children be as excited for the Blessed Month as the other kids are for Christmas?” She knew she couldn’t be alone in her thinking, so she started searching for ways to generate more of a buzz about Eid.

Riz, Elif and Emre at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

After scouring the internet for hours in search of exciting party decor, she was left with an extremely limited (and expensive) set of options. It didn’t make sense that no one was selling affordable party accessories for Eid - the biggest event in the Muslim calendar. Feeling that figurative lightbulb moment, the idea for Eid Party was born! With the help of her children, Riz began brainstorming all of the exciting decorations that nurtures a child’s enthusiasm for an event.
Advent calendars, party bags, and vibrant decorations - all of the things kids love could be designed for Eid and Ramadan. It just made sense.

A One-Stop Party Shop

Having helped out with her father’s retail textile business, Riz soon realised it was time to evolve the company into something more meaningful and futureproof. The high street was dying. There was a huge gap in the market for an Eid and Ramadan-focused business. They had already established great relationships with international suppliers. As you can see, it was the perfect opportunity! Riz started sourcing materials, designing the products and manufacturing everything in house to ensure Muslim families could get all of their party supplies in one place.

Her marketing mind, previous experience, and understanding of kids enabled her to quickly make a success of the business. Four years later, and Eid Party is the number one decorations supplier for Muslim families in the UK and Europe!

One of our trips to China, meeting the local Muslim community and visiting the local Mosque. We are fortunate to work with Muslims in China and to support their Businesses.

Eid Party Today

Over the years, our product range has expanded enormously, and we now have thousands of products in hundreds of colours and dozens of themes. Our aim is to make Eid and Ramadan just as exciting for kids (and adults!) as Christmas is. We want to keep spirits and enthusiasm for the Blessed Month high, bringing our celebrations into the 21st Century. Five years ago, Eid decor wasn’t mainstream, and now it’s a global success. We’re so proud to have played such an integral role in making this huge event even more special for families all over the world. We owe our success to our family, our friends, and of course, social media.

2020 Istanbul, Turkey campaign. You can watch all of our videos on our YouTube channel HERE. 

The Power of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media can do wonders for raising brand awareness. Because our business is so visually exciting, we’ve been able to harness the power of Instagram to propel Eid Party to international success. It’s unbelievably heartwarming to see the decorations we’ve created adorning the homes of Muslim families all over the world. It really reinforces the idea of Eid - a celebration of family, friends and festivity. Though the pandemic has added distance between us, social media has somehow made us feel closer to you than ever before. We’ve received some incredibly moving messages from our customers, who’ve noted how thrilled their children to see the decorations go up. For many people, Eid represents a glimmer of positivity in darker times - we want to make that light shine as brightly as possible. We feel truly blessed every time we see your exquisite displays made up of our accessories. It is an honor to know that we’ve played a part in so many families’ Eid celebrations. You really do have no idea how much every pic and message means to us! Here are some of our favourite displays you’ve tagged us in over the years:

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As Eid approaches us again after such a turbulent year, we’re proud to be able to supply our customers with decorations that inspire and uplift. At the end of the day, we’re all one family. Bringing you joy is our number one priority, and every decision we make as a business revolves around making Eid even more special.

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