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The EidParty Story
February 19, 2021

The EidParty Story

Behind The Scenes at Eid Party

Who We Are, Why We Started and How We Became a One-Stop Shop For Muslim Party Supplies Over the years, Eid Party has become the go-to supplier for Eid and Ramadan decorations. But how did we become such a huge success in such a short space of time? The answer is quite simple really, we were the first brand of our kind. This is the story of Eid Party - how our co-founder wanted to make Eid and Ramadan more exciting for Muslim kids, and turned it into a year round business!

Meet Riz

As a mum, Riz developed the concept for Eid Party when she realised the need for a more kid-friendly approach to Eid and Ramadan. She thought, “why shouldn’t my children be as excited for the Blessed Month as the other kids are for Christmas?” She knew she couldn’t be alone in her thinking, so she started searching for ways to generate more of a buzz about Eid.

Riz, Elif and Emre at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

After scouring the internet for hours in search of exciting party decor, she was left with an extremely limited (and expensive) set of options. It didn’t make sense that no one was selling affordable party accessories for Eid - the biggest event in the Muslim calendar. Feeling that figurative lightbulb moment, the idea for Eid Party was born! With the help of her children, Riz began brainstorming all of the exciting decorations that nurtures a child’s enthusiasm for an event.
Advent calendars, party bags, and vibrant decorations - all of the things kids love could be designed for Eid and Ramadan. It just made sense.

A One-Stop Party Shop

Having helped out with her father’s...

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