Free, Easy and Printable Ramadan Activities For Children

Ramadan is one of the best times to get young children involved in the celebrations and meaning of our most blessed days. Young children who choose to fast may find it quite difficult during those daylight hours when the sugar cravings kick in (don’t we all!). Keeping their hands and minds busy with entertaining exercises can go a long way to help them stay motivated.  

So how can parents encourage and educate their kids about Ramadan in a way that’s entertaining too? 

Below is a list of fabulous online resources that can help teach the significance of Ramadan and the importance of charity and good deeds. Best of all, everything is absolutely free, so you can try them all to your heart’s content! 

A Dua A Day have created 30 beautiful and vibrant Dua printables that slot perfectly into our Ramadan calendars. Of course, the calendars themselves are not a necessity, but they do add a sense of reward and excitement to each morning’s prayers! 

Featuring both the Arabic and English translation side by side, these colourful little cards reflect the beauty of the Arabic language, and are educational too!

Ramadan Book-Inspired Crafts 

Inspired by Muslim books, this list of 30 crafts curated by provides some excellent ways to keep your kids’ hands busy and their brains active. With everything from interactive journaling and DIY money boxes, to paper dolls and milk-carton mosques, there's something for every child on this list. Featuring a number of innovative ways to integrate charity, gratitude and prayer into fun activities, these ideas are just perfect for Ramadan!

A Hadith A Day

Teaching gratitude is one of the most important things we can do for our children, especially after a year like 2020! Gratitude is not only one of the key themes of Ramadan, but it’s also commonly considered as the key to happiness in life.’s colourful and authentic collection of printable ahadith features the Quranic references too, so your kids can learn some Arabic in their practice. The card will slot perfectly into any of our A Gratitude a Day’ felt Ramadan Calendar, for those looking to add an extra element of excitement! 

3D Masjid & Muslim Kids Cut-Outs

Cutting out and colouring in is a surefire pastime for kids, but throw some three-dimensional magic into the mix and they’ll be entertained for hours. We love these Islam-themed 3D printables, which can be printed, coloured-in, stuck together, and then used to decorate your home for Ramadan and Eid. Simple, yet genius! 

Reasons For Fasting Arts and Crafts

Fasting is one of the greatest ways to reignite our feelings of gratitude, and it’s a powerful part of our faith. But kids are notoriously impatient as they are, and bringing hunger into the equation will really test their willpower (and yours too, probably!). 

These Reasons For Fasting Activities are great little reminders of why fasting is so integral to Islam. From decorating worship jars to crafting the five pillars of faith using cardboard tubes, these exercises are fantastic ways to keep little hands and brains busy during fasts. 

Fasting Journal 

Keeping track of the days fasted can give a child a greater sense of achievement throughout Ramadan. There’s no doubt about it - fasting is hard. But it’s also extremely rewarding and reminds us how lucky we are to be blessed with an abundance of food. So any exercise which can keep your child motivated throughout the blessed month is great. This fasting journal is a simple, yet effective way to help them keep track of their amazing progress! 

Ramadan Moon Banner

There’s something about putting decorations up to mark a special occasion that sparks so much joy! Noor Kids have put together this fabulous crafts recipe for a moon banner - an exciting way to mark the last 10 days of Ramadan. This activity is great for young children who are first learning about Islam, making the teaching both interactive and fun!

You can check out more Noor printable resources by clicking here.

Printable Board Games 

Nothing says ‘family get-together’ better than a good board game. This family-friendly Ramadan Challenge printable board game is wholesome, fun, educational, and a great way to scrub up on your knowledge! It’s easy to assemble and simple to play, making it the perfect option for some spontaneous entertainment when you’re waiting for nightfall!

EidParty Cards, Crosswords and Colour Bunting

We understand that it just isn’t financially viable for everyone to splurge once Ramadan comes around. But you don’t have to spend money to enjoy our blessed days! We’ve had a number of printable designs specially made for Eid and Ramadan this year that the whole family can enjoy. Browse our selection of cards, crosswords, calendars and colouring bunting and get into the spirit of Ramadan with us!  

We hope you’ve found something on this list that both you and your kids will love. After such a tumultuous year, this Ramadan and Eid should feel extra special, and we’re grateful to know that we’re involved in so many families’ celebrations. 

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