7 Party Game Ideas For Eid Day That The Whole Family Will Love

After a month of fasting, you’ll no doubt want to make Eid day as joyous and as fun-filled as possible for the whole family. And what better way to inject some cheer into this most blessed day than with a selection of family-friendly games? 

We’ve listed below some of our favourite Eid-themed party game ideas that have been tried, tested and approved by both kids and adults. 

Read on for some fun-filled Eid day inspiration! 


Pin the Moon on the Minaret

We’ve created a very special Eid-themed printable game - taking inspiration from the much-loved ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.

Just like the birthday party classic, the aim of the game is to pin the moon on the Minaret after being blindfolded and spun around several times! 

This game is sure to have the whole family chuckling - just be sure to clear your room or garden of trip-hazards!

Click here to download and print the game for free. 


Pass the Parcel

The wholesome anticipation of receiving and unwrapping gifts is one of those rare things that’s still exciting, even for adults! This makes a game like pass the parcel a fabulous idea for Eid day. Pass the parcel also reminds us of the act of giving, and is a wonderful reflection of the  underlying themes of charity on Eid day. 

Make your preparations easy by ordering a fun selection of toys, puzzles and books that are compact and ready to wrap up! 

Balloon Waddle Race

A party just isn’t a party without balloons, right? 

Having a balloon waddle race is an excellent way of putting a smile on your friends’ and family’s faces, and it’s guaranteed to get you all laughing. 

Simply mark a start and finish line with a ribbon or piece of string, then have two people race to the end with a pumped up balloon between their knees. They must get the whole way across the track without dropping or popping their balloon - and it’s harder than it looks! 

Top tip: if your kids are sensitive to loud noises - i.e. popping balloons - place some sweets inside before blowing them up for a sweet surprise! 

This game is perfect for families who are practising social distancing, as it’s best played in an outdoor space. 

Order some Eid-themed balloons today and get ready to race! 


Wreaking havoc and getting toys - the two things every kid loves!

A pinata is a great way of introducing some energetic fun to the party. It’ll also help tire your kids out - something we’re sure you’ll appreciate after all your Eid preparations! 

To make things even easier, choose an eid-themed pinata that comes with toys for filling. We recommend hanging it up outside to avoid any accidents!


Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a sure fire way to generate excitement in young kids. We love this free printable Eid treasure hunt, created by Happy Muslim Homeschool, that gets little brains and little legs to work! 

Simply cut each letter out and hide them in various places around the home alongside edible treats or small toys. Give your child the first clue, then watch as they figure out the rest! 

Cookie Decorating

Nothing lights up the eyes of a kid (or an adult!) quite like a delicious edible treat. Baking Eid-themed cookies with your family is a great way of spending quality time with each other, and it promises a tasty reward at the end! 

Choose from a range of Eid-themed cookie cutters and use icing pens to create the designs once the bakes have cooled. These cookies should taste extra delicious for everyone after a whole month of fasting in the daylight hours! 

Make a Mosque Out of Sweet Treats

If you or your little ones are pro bakers and want to create something a little more extravagant, you can try making this edible mosque - made out of delicious sweet treats! It’s relatively easy to construct and makes a fabulous centrepiece that the whole family can enjoy throughout the day. 

You can encourage your kids to let their artistic sides shine with this one as they pipe the beautiful designs onto the mosque with buttercream! 

So there you have it! Those were our favourite party games to enjoy with your family this Eid day. We can’t wait to hear about all the fun you’ll have. Don’t forget to tag us in your celebration photos!

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