How to Decor Hessian Theme Party on Your Home

Adding a touch of elegance to your next Eid party with a Hessian theme? We have got the guide you need! The hessian theme helps bring a countryside charm to your party and also blends sophistication with simplicity. Following the Hessian theme for your Eid party will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your Eid party guests.

Hessian theme

Find and Set the Space

Find a suitable space for the party set up in your house. You can organize the Eid party in your living room, dining area, or even your backyard. Establish a primary focal point in this space where most of your decoration will be targeted. You can set up a table and decorate it with Hessian elements like hessian buntings. You can get Islamic Geometric Pattern Square Hessian bunting from Eid Party’s website for your decoration.  

Incorporate Hessian Fabric

Hessian fabric is the main element of this theme. Use hessian fabric as chair covers, table runners, or table clothes. This will easily infuse the Hessian charm into your Eid party decor. To add an extra touch of beauty, layer it with lace or textured fabrics. You can get yourself a Ramadan Kareem Hessian Table Runner or an Islamic Symbols Table Runner from Eid Party’s website to uplevel your decor.

Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements into your party. This can include wooden logs, branches, and crates. Such elements will amplify the rustic feel of the Eid Party. Using wooden serving trays or using wooden centerpieces will also add a Hessian touch. Add flowers to your decor to bring forward a more nature-themed Hessian feel.

Earthy Colors

Go for earthy tones like browns and greens. Sticking to a color palette inspired by nature will give your party a Hessian feel. You can combine these colors with pastel colors to add that pop of color to your Eid party decoration. Create a cozy environment in your house by using rugs and cushions in earthy tones.

Hessian theme party


Send your Eid Party guests home with a token of appreciation. Using a Hessian-themed gift pouch or gift envelopes will be a memorable takeaway for your guests. Buy Eid Mubarak Gift Favour Boxes for children and Mini Hessian Pull String Gift Pouches for adults. For gift envelopes, you can order Manilla or Metallic gift envelopes. Using such gift wraps will make sure your guest takes away the Hessian theme with them.

Table Settings

Use vintage plates and wooden cutlery to enhance the Hessian appeal. Mismatching items can add to that appeal. Small pots of plants will also help as a delightful touch to your table decor. You can hang Hessian bunting in the table corners and mismatch multiple table runners. 


By using a blend of the above-mentioned elements, you can throw an unforgettable Hessian-themed Eid Party. It will be charming and memorable for your guests and every time they look at the gift pouches or gift envelopes, they will be reminded of this fun Hessian-themed Eid party evening.