Inspiring Decor Themes from Around the Muslim World

Eid Party believes that beyond the celebration, Eid also calls for a better atmosphere at home. Adding decorations to your Eid celebrations is the easiest way to elevate this atmosphere. Eid Party is here to make your Eid special with our variety of decorations that can help you bring diverse traditions from around the world to your doorstep. In this blog, we are exploring the different Eid Mubarak decoration themes that can help you transform your Eid celebrations.


Embrace nature with our Botanical theme. Inspired by the vibrance of nature, this theme will help you bring the beauty of outside home. Adorn your house with green hanging decorations, floral Eid Mubarak decorations and cards, botanical buntings, and other botanical themed decorations. This theme will bring the natural world home and help you get in the spirit of Eid.


If you want to go for a rustic aesthetic, Hessian theme is the best choice for your home. It can offer your home a simplistic charm that will surely impress your guests.

Add decor like natural Hessian pennant bunting, geometric pattern Hessian table runner, Hessian gift pouches to your Eid Celebration. Such decor will provide a warm and rural feel to your house.  


Bring home the rich culture of Palestine. Vibrant colors, traditional designs, bold patterns are all an important part of Palestine themed decoration. Eid Party has a variety of Palestine themed decoration items available including Palestine embroidery inspired cardboard serving stand, Palestine embroidery inspired table runner and much more. This theme will help you infuse your Eid-ul-Adha decoration with the culture of Palestine. 


Inspired by the elegance of ancient Persia, our Persian theme is all about rich colors and beautiful patterns. Our Persian theme decor will help you add a touch of regal elegance to your Eid celebrations. Go check out our range of Persian Eid-ul-Adha decorations and other essentials that includes Persian style multicolour gift sack, Sunset & mosque silhouette hanging burlap backdrop, Persian style money wallet envelopes and much more!

South Asian

The South Asian theme is known for its colors and features. It reflects the spirit of Eid in South Asian countries, especially India and Pakistan. Our range of South Asian festive decorations and essentials include South Asia paisley pattern natural Hessian pennant bunting, Wooden floral inlay food serving trays, South Asia pattern disposable paper plate & cup set, Eid-Ul Adha paper hanging decorations, etc.

Turkish Ottoman

Bring home the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire with our Turkish Ottoman themed decor. Serve your guests in Turkish Osmanli print mini cups & saucers, add Turkish Ottoman style hanging burlap backdrop for a photogenic background and a Turkish Ottoman style table runner to grace your table. It will bring a sense of historical heritage and timeless beauty to your Eid gatherings.

Shabby Chic

If you prefer a more modern approach to Eid-ul-Adha decorations, this theme will offer just that. It creates a welcoming environment in your house and is perfect for small and intimate celebrations during Eid. Foil letters, latex balloons, garlands, buntings are other decor items that are available under this theme on our website can help you achieve the Shabby Chic vibe for your place.


We hope that our diverse Eid-ul-Adha decoration themes make your Eid celebrations special. Eid Party aims to add joy to your life. So go ahead and explore the world of decorations that Eid Party has to offer.