Top 10 Eid ul Adha Party Food Ideas

Muslims around the world rejoice at the arrival of Eid ul Adha. This is the time people gather their friends and family to spend some quality time, exchange gifts and blessings, and most importantly indulge in a delicious feast. If you are hosting a celebration for Eid ul Adha and looking for food item suggestions for the party, keep reading. Add paper-hanging decorations to your dining room to elevate the celebration vibes. We also have a variety of Eid ul Adha decorations available on our website to enhance the feasting experience. In this blog, we are sharing with you 10 food ideas that will make your Eid ul Adha celebration truly memorable.


Any Eid ul Adha feast would be incomplete without biryani. Even before the guests start feasting on it, the delicious aroma of biryani enhances the joy of this celebration. Whether your guests prefer chicken or lamb biryani, they will surely be pleased. For a more wholesome biryani experience, serve it with a side of raita. 


Kebabs are the perfect dish for Eid ul Adha celebrations. These kebabs can be galouti kebabs, shami kebabs, seekh kebabs, or even hariyali kebabs as a vegetarian option. Just grill them to perfection and serve them with mint chutney. They will surely bring a burst of flavor into your celebration. 

Mutton Curry 

Add a flavourful mutton curry to your menu and spice up your Eid ul Adha. Pair it up with rice or naan, as per your preference. This is a satisfying dish that everyone will enjoy.

Roast Lamb

Roast lamb is packed with flavorful goodness and perfect to serve to your guests. You can serve it in a gravy or just stew it dry. Serve it with onion slices and a squeeze of lemon for an extra kick of flavor.

Traditional Desserts

What better way to celebrate Eid ul Adha than by adding a beloved and traditional dessert to your menu? Enjoy Sheer Korma or Phirni with your family as you embrace the spirit of togetherness with this sweet treat.


Looking for the perfect appetizer for your Eid ul Adha celebration? The golden, savory, and crispy samosas will be perfect. You can fill them with meat or potato and serve them with chutney or ketchup. 

Fresh Fruits

Add a refreshing touch to your feast with a colorful fruit platter that has seasonal or exotic food. Feel free to add mangoes, grapes, watermelon, berries, etc. and serve them to your guests on an attractive tray that you can get from our website. This will make them more visually appealing.

Refreshing Drinks

Have a variety of refreshing drinks to keep your guests happy and hydrated. You can serve traditional drinks like rose sherbet, lemonade, or mango lassi or have mocktails, fruit juices, or cans of cold drinks so that your guests have options to choose from. Eid Party has a variety of festive glass options available so you can serve drinks in glasses that match your theme! 


Add chocolates to your Eid ul Adha party and watch kids shriek with joy! Serve an assortment of chocolates that both kids and adults can enjoy. Make sure you include dark, milk, and white chocolate so there is something for everyone.


The beloved tea! Any gathering would be incomplete without sharing laughter over a cup of tea. Along with a range of Eid ul Adha decoration items like paper hanging decorations and wooden decorations, we also have a selection of teapots and cups available that will make the tea serving and drinking feel like one of a kind.


By adding the above dishes to your Eid ul Adha feast, your guests are sure to have a good time. We hope this celebration is memorable for you. We have a selection of tableware and paper hanging decorations available for you based on the theme you are picking for the party. Feel free to browse our website for Eid ul Adha decoration items and other essential items like trays, plates, mugs, etc. to make your gathering even more special.