The Evolution of Eid Mubarak Cards: Tracing Trends Over the Decades

Eid is just around the corner. This festival that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan is much awaited by the Muslims all around the world. People pray, plan family gatherings and feastful evenings around this time. They also exchange greeting cards - Eid Mubarak cards with lovely and meaningful Eid Mubarak messages. Such cards also hold a cultural significance. Today, we have decided to take a journey through the decades and tell you about the trend of Eid Mubarak cards.

In the early days, Eid Mubarak cards were elegant and often had Islamic elements like moons and stars or even calligraphy. The ancient cards were handcrafted. The Eid Mubarak message that the card had scribbled over it contained the good wishes sent by the sender and wished the receiver happiness and prosperity.

As the printing technology emerged, handcrafted cards were laid to rest. The cards become more colorful and vibrant though. Eid Mubarak cards contained pictures of mosques, Eid gatherings, and other significant cultural symbols. As the families awaited the cards with Eid Mubarak messages from loved ones, the spirit of community was symbolized.

In this age of internet and digital media, the Eid Mubarak cards have also evolved. An eco-friendly and convenient replacement of traditional Eid Mubarak cards came in form on E-cards. These cards help people send their Eid Mubarak messages and hearty wishes in an instant, without being bound by any geographical boundaries. The modern touch to such cards is added by custom templates, animations and other media elements. 

Social media has also changed the way Eid Mubarak messages and greetings are exchanged. People share photos, videos and other festive messages by using hashtags related to Eid like #EidMubarak.

However, the traditional Eid Mubarak cards are gaining popularity again as people have started appreciating the artistic and handmade products. To create personalized cards that are unique, calligraphy is also integrated into cards again. People add their personal messages and convey their good wishes to friends and family. As people are more environmentally conscious now, there is also demand for using eco-friendly materials.

Eid Party is certain that this evolution of Eid Mubarak cards will continue. We believe in innovation while also honoring the tradition of Eid cards. We believe in promoting the timeless tradition of sending Eid Mubarak cards. We have a variety of options of greeting cards that can cater to multiple tastes. We offer a collection of greeting cards, Eid decorations, gift wraps, and other Ramadan and Eid essentials.