5 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Eid Like A Party

This year, more than 1 billion Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr. It is a collective festival that welcomes new beginnings, generosity and kindness - some things we're sure everyone could do with after such a chaotic year! 

We’re going bigger and better than ever before this coming Eid, and we’d like you to join us in our larger than life celebrations. If you were looking for an excuse to get a little bit more indulgent with your decor this year, here are 5 great reasons! 


This Coming Eid Is Extra Special

Over the last year, the pandemic has brought a lot of disappointing twists and turns. Our celebrations were sadly taken away from us at extremely short notice last year, as UK Muslims were forced to have a socially distanced Eid. Many families were unable to spend the blessed days with their loved ones, and children were left upset due to cancelled plans. 

But this year will be entirely different, and the ideas of hope, starting afresh, and optimism resonate stronger with us than ever before.This coming Eid will be extra special for most Muslims around the globe, so why not throw a party you’ll never forget?


Decorations Spark Joy and Enhance Excitement

There’s no doubt about it - blowing up balloons, hanging bunting and whipping out the special tableware for an occasion brings around a unique kind of excitement. Adorning your home with gold and silver decorations will brighten your interior, and generate feelings of warmth, contentment and anticipation for the celebrations. 

Decorations are also a great way to spruce up your entire home, breathing new life into your everyday setting. This sense of home rejuvenation echoes that which we feel after a whole month of fasting and sacrifice! 


You’ll Be Making Eid More Kid-Friendly

Muslim kids can often feel like they’re missing out when Christmas comes along. Putting up decorations, using Eid advent calendars, and dressing up in Eid-themed apparel can help generate a greater sense of excitement in our children. 

Parties are fun, after all, so finding new ways to celebrate Eid will not only benefit the kids, but the whole family too! Everyone should look forward to this wonderful event with the utmost excitement. 


Eid is a Festival of Abundance

The whole concept of Eid al-Fitr centres around abundance, following a month of sacrifice and fasting. The blessed days represent a time of plentiful food, love, joy and gifts - so what better way to celebrate the nature of Eid than by adorning your home with beautiful accessories? 

Nourish your loved ones with delicious treats, served up on exquisite ceramic tableware. Watch your children’s eyes light up as you gift them with adorably unique gift pouches. Embellish your home with enchanting decoration sets, and allow that sense of abundance and joy to radiate through your whole household. 

Eid is all about living abundantly, so why not go all out? 


It’s One of the Biggest Events On the Muslim Calendar

Eid is, above all, a collective celebration of our heritage, our tradition and our community. It’s when we gather with our loved ones to express our gratitude for the gift of life, so why shouldn’t we celebrate it in style? 

It’s so important to bring our Eid celebrations into the 21st century, ensuring that the excitement and enthusiasm we feel radiates throughout the younger generation. This is a time of generosity, familial love, and abundance - all the best reasons to throw a huge bash!

To browse our collection of Eid party decorations, tableware and gifting options, visit our website. We can’t wait to be a part of your Eid celebrations this year!
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