Wearing Hope: How Palestine Hoodies Contribute to a Message of Peace

Wearing Hope: How Palestine Hoodies Contribute to a Message of Peace

“Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.”-Robert Fulghum

In today’s world, peace is almost mythical and justice is scarce. Peace is often challenged, by issues that can be political or societal. The children in Palestine are struggling and suffering in a way that nobody deserves to suffer. Innocent people are losing their lives. Restoring peace in such situations is a collective responsibility.

It is only in support of this struggle that the Eid Party has launched an exclusive range of Palestine-themed hoodies and tote bags. All the profits from these sales will go to charities supporting the people of Palestine. Eid Party’s main aim with the Palestine hoodie is to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

The Angels of Palestine Resistance

Hoodie is dedicated to children's struggle in Palestine. It is inspired by the Palestinian's Keffiyeh - a symbol that represents the struggle of the Palestinians and their dream of being free.

The Teddy of Resistance

hoodies and tote bags were designed in honour of heroic journalist Motaz Azaiza and other journalists showing tremendous courage by revealing suffering in Palestine through their cameras. The beautiful design also aims to exhibit the resistance of Palestinians against the suffering that inhibited them.

We also launched The Stamp hoodie which embraces the symbols of Palestine by incorporating them into the design. 

The United in Resistance Hoodie and tote bag represent the resistance against such struggles and our solidarity with children who have been innocent victims of this genocide. 

The people in Palestine are surrounded by turmoil, but we stand here for peace. Peace thrives on empathy. When we foster understanding and harmony, we bring peace. Every small action can have an impact on the restoration of peace in Palestine. Buying these sweatshirts online can be your act of supporting and standing in solidarity with Palestine. Eid Party’s Palenstine hoodies and other merch symbolize peace and harmony and our hope that one-day Palenstine would be free.

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